Stencils On Demand


The Lectroetch Company is proud to announce the release of our “Stencil on Demand System”. This system allows you to now create your own stencils for electrochemical etching. No more trying to find a typewriter, or dealing with a dot matrix printer and its lack of definition!! This new system will allow you to print graphics including your company logo, serial numbers, bar codes and 2D Data Matrix codes.

For those companies who have to meet ATA-2000 or Mil standard 130 marking requirements this is the system for you. With the optional reader you will be able to verify all bar codes for the correct data.

This system will allow your company to continue using all of your existing Lectroetch Co. Power units, hand pads etc. There are no special plug-ins for graphics, fonts or radial marking. The program allows use of all of these features. We offer two different set-ups for your various needs.

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  • Thermal Printer with cutter module
  • 300 dpi
  • 1 roll thermal stencil material
  • Windows based label software
  • Capable of 2D Data Matrix codes
  • Radial marking
  • Serialization
  • Graphics
  • Compliance Shipping Labels
  • RFID Labels

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Weight20 lbs
Dimensions12 × 14 × 18 in


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