Standard Electrolytes

Electrolyte is the conducting medium for the etching current. It carries the necessary metallic salts to etch the metal, and to develop the black residue for dark, contrasting marks. Necessary inhibitors, depolarizers, surfactants, and stencil cleaning media are also carried by the electrolyte. In addition, the electrolyte also serves as a coolant, and controls depth of mark through electrochemical action.

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Choosing the proper electrolyte and cleaner is necessary to obtain a clear, sharp, contrasting mark. Lectroetch has developed electrolytes for various conductive metals, alloys, and plating. The chart will serve as a guide for most applications. Parts made of other materials should be sent to Lectroetch for electrolyte evaluation.

Contain less that 250ppm of Halogens, Sulpher, and Lead. Available in LNC-2, LNC-3, LNC-5, and 250 A Electrolyte fornnuations, and #2 and #3 Cleaner formulations. Certified Trace Analysis available at additional cost.SPECIAL CFX-2 NON-CLEANING ELECTROLYTE
For marking high carbon and mild steel, hardened/case-hardened steels, some high- speed steels, and iron. Requires little or no post-cleaning. Ideal for bearings, feeler gauges, and other parts prone to corrosion.All Electrolytes and Cleaners are available in l-quart plastic bottles (1, 4, 6, and 12- quart packages), 1 -gallon plastic jugs, and 5-gallon plastic pails. Some electrolytes and cleaners available in 55-gallon drums. Prices on application.

#2 CLEANER – for ferrous metals by manual wiping.
#3 CLEANER – for non-ferrous metals by manual wiping.
#1 All Purpose Cleaner/Neutralyte General purpose cleaners for all metals by manual wiping.
LIC CLEANER – Concentrate to be diluted 9:1 with water for immersion cleaning or wiping.
CT CLEANER TISSUES – for light cleaning applications on non-ferrous metals ( pkg of 1,000)
RV Oil – a water-displacing (polarized) oil for in-plant protection after marking and cleaning.

If in doubt as to which electrolyte is best for your parts, submit samples to LECTROETCH for test marking, Please include information on mteal composition, and type of mark (AC mark, DC etch, Deep Etch, etc.). There is no charge for this service. We will return parts with our recommendations.


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