Standard Cleaners

The Type LIC Immersion Cleaner is recommended for large production runs. A 5-minute bath is required before air drying. Other optional cleaning products include dry treated tissues for use with light production. Lectroetch Powdered Cleaner is recommended for polished surfaces. The part is simply dipped into the powder and the surplus wiped off.

Lectroetch Electrolyte and Cleaner Chart

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  • Lectroetch #1 all purpose cleaner for general purpose applications
  • Lectroetch #2 cleaner for ferrous alloys
  • Lectroetch #3 cleaner for nonferrous alloys
  • Lectroetch immersion cleaner for dipping parts
  • Lectroetch Powder Cleaner
  • Lectroetch PH-paper for testing LIC cleaning solution – replace when PH level falls below 6.
  • Lectroetch RV Oil for protection against rust and corrosion after cleaning.
  • Lectroetch cleaner tray for cleaning small parts after marking-use MU23 wick for replacement.
  • Lectroetch cleaner tissues. 1,000 sheet package

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