MODEL VT-15HF Power Unit



The new Lectroetch VT15HF inverter power unit is designed with active power-factor correction and has up to 94% efficiency for significantly lower energy consumption.  The unit has extremely low (Class A) EMI and power line noise radiation, and can operate on 100-264 volt 50/60 Hz line voltages.

The VT15HF also has the following features:

  1. 1 to 120 second user programmable digital etch timer. This timer also allows the operator to command manual unit activation through the footswitch or VT15HP marking pad. Additionally, the timer has a continuous mode for use with bench marking fixtures, roller and rocker pads, or other manufacturer’s marking applicators.
  2. Power level control which is adjustable from 1 to 100% in 1 percent steps.
  3. Memory function which may be used to store up to eight part marking settings for easy recall. This expedites setup times and reduces marking errors.
  4. An etch mode control with four settings:
    • 1 – AC output (oxide)
    • 2 – DC output (Etch)
    • 3 – Deep-Etch (> 0.001”)
    • 4 – DC then AC (etch then oxide).
  5. Reset button to reset the timer or clear a circuit fault.
  6. Four-line LCD display with the following information available after power-on: Etch-mode, Etch-Time, Power Level, Output voltage and Etching current in Amperes.
  7. A Green LED power on indicator.
  8. LED etching status indicator for visual verification of the current mode and etch cycle. This LED changes color to amber in AC mode, green in DC mode, and will flash in the Deep-Etch mode.
  9. Flip-down front feet for easier viewing
  10. Rugged powder coated steel enclosure with waterproof membrane front panel.
  11. May be used with most Lectroetch and other brand markers and fixtures.

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