Economy Marking Kit MK1

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Product Description

Depending upon the size and depth of mark desired, it takes only a few seconds to create high quality, permanent markings. Users can easily produce black markings.

Legible markings using characters as small as .025 inches are easily reproduced. Company logos, graphics, part and serial numbers, and other markings are also easily made through the use of this equipment and Lectroetch factory processed stencils.

Designed for occasional, low-volume oxide (dark) marking on ferrous alloys. Ideal for the hobbyist, beginner knife makers, and automotive technicians for tools and equipment. Will work with all types and makes of stencils.


  • Power Unit
  • Handmarker
  • 10 Stencil sheets
  • 2 oz. each of LNC3 Electrolyte and Cleaner

Use Method

Using the Lectroetch process requires only minimal skill and training, both in terms of preparing stencils and marking parts. The process consists of five components: power unit, marking applicator, stencil, electrolyte and cleaner. Complete kits and components are described on the following pages.

Low Volume Marking

Because of the efficiency of the Lectroetch process, small to medium batch sizes can be marked cost- effectively. For higher volume marking. semi-automatic and automated systems, capable of marking a thousand plus parts per hour, are recommended.



Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in
Power Output (amp AC)


Power control


Etch Timer


Pulse Output


Over Current Protection

Internally Limited

Marker Size (in)

1/2" x 1.50"

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