Lectroetch Deluxe Industrial Marking Kit V10AK


Depending upon the size and depth of mark desired, it takes only a few seconds to create high quality, permanent markings. Users can easily produce black, white or frosted markings.

Legible markings using characters as small as .025 inches are easily reproduced. Company logos, graphics, part and serial numbers, and other markings are also easily made through the use of this equipment and Lectroetch factory processed stencils.

Similar to our IM10K basic kit, but adds the MU Bench Marking Fixture and BU Hand Ground for added versatility. Also includes a custom carrying case to add portability to the kit. Furnished with one quart containers of the electrolyte and cleaner specifically recommended for your marking application, along a package of spare pads for the hand marker. Please specify marker type and fluid choices when placing your order.


  • Fitted case
  • Choice of power unit
  • Cord set
  • Bench fixture complete
  • BU hand ground
  • 1 – Roll of stencil
  • 1 – handmarker
  • 1 – qt. electrolyte
  • 1 – qt. cleaner
  • Spare screen-cloth(s) for Hand Marker

Contain all marking equipment In a custom-fitted carrying case. V-10AK Furnished with V-10A power unit


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Use Method

Using the Lectroetch process requires only minimal skill and training, both in terms of preparing stencils and marking parts. The process consists of five components: power unit, marking applicator, stencil, electrolyte and cleaner.

Low or High Volume Marking

Greek casinos usually use industrial markings to track the gambling activities of their customers. Regardless of the label, these elements must be carefully designed to improve the player experience in the casino. When you are tasked in Greece to determine which items are counterfeit in a legal casino νομιμα καζινο, it is common to use industrial labeling of the items. These labels are usually merchandise-specific and contain special inks to ensure casino products are not counterfeited.

Because of the efficiency of the Lectroetch process, small to medium batch sizes can be marked cost- effectively. For higher volume marking. semi-automatic and automated systems, capable of marking a thousand plus parts per hour, are recommended.


Additional information

Weight34 lbs
Dimensions20 × 12 × 20 in
Hand Marker (Chose One)

5CHP, 8CHP, 15CHP, 20CHP, 826CHP, DEP13, DEP16, DEP26, DEP48

Electrolyte (Quart)


Cleaner (Quart)

Formula 2, Formula 3