Long Life Photographic Stencils

A premium stencil, featuring a synthetic woven fabric base impregnated with the 3L plasticized coating. Recommended for most applications including deep etching.
About Long-Life Electrochemical Etching Stencils
Much has been written about stencils for electrochemical etching purposes. The simple truth is that stencils will vary in construction and longevity. If the stencil is not used or cared for properly, it will fail prematurely. The biggest contributor to stencil failure is attempting to etch with too much power. It is tempting to increase the power setting to improve a mark, but this is one place where more is not better.
The Importance of Electrolyte Selection
If the equipment is in good condition, and the marking is not dark or deep enough, the improper electrolyte has been selected. Lack of electrolyte also can lead to shortened stencil life. Be certain the stencil is thoroughly wetted before using. The stencils should be rinsed out with tap water after use. If the stencil openings are clogged with oxides, soak them in Lectroetch Stencil Cleaner, then rinse with tap water. Store the stencils dry, in the supplied folder. This folder will not only protect the stencils, but has an area to store your specific marking parameters for easy recall on the next production run. The Lectroetch file number is also on the folder. This number must be given when re-ordering your stencils.
Tips for Ordering Long-Life Electrochemical Etching Stencils
Here are some tips to remember when placing an order for new long-life stencils:

Indicate only the text or graphics which are to appear on the parts. Proof read and verify punctuation.
Check the available marking area in which the text must fit. Advise if there is anything in the marking field which the text must fit around like holes or slots.
If possible, send a sketch with the exact layout of the image, including text size, font style, and justification.
Number of images per stencil, and spacing of images.
Lectroetch usually sends proofs for new artwork. You must carefully check all aspects of the proposed art. Your signature constitutes full and unconditional acceptance of the stencils as approved. If there is an undetected error, the replacement stencils will be provided at the customer’s expense.

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