Electrolytes & Cleaners

What are Electrolytes for Electrochemical Etching?
Electrolyte is the conducting medium for the etching current. It carries the necessary metallic salts to etch the metal, and to develop the black residue for dark, contrasting marks. Necessary inhibitors, depolarizers, surfactants, and stencil cleaning media are also carried by the electrolyte. In addition, the electrolyte also serves as a heat dissipant, and controls depth of mark through electrochemical action.

Choosing the proper electrolyte and cleaner is necessary to obtain a clear, sharp, contrasting mark. Lectroetch has developed electrolytes for various conductive metals, alloys, and platings. Please refer to the Electrolyte Application Chart for specific recommendations. Parts made of other materials should be sent to Lectroetch for electrolyte evaluation. Lectroetch Nuclear Grade electrolytes and cleaners are specially formulated with reagent grade chemicals and are tested and certified by an independent laboratory to meet aerospace and MIL-792 part marking standards.

Electrolyte Application Chart