Bench Fixtures and Components

The bench fixture permits versatile marking of flat pieces, including those with offsets, as well as plain or flanged round and cylindrical parts. The fixture includes a molded base, containing horizontal and vertical grounding straps and a reservoir tray for the electrolyte top. Plate and pad, which fit into the well, provide the marking surface; electrolyte being fed to it by wicking action.

Parts to be marked are placed on the stencil which rests on the top pad. The marking circuit is closed by either applying the hand ground to the part, or contacting the ground strap with the part. Round parts are “rolled-” across the stencil; this allows any cylindrical part to be marked 360 degrees around the circumference. Flanges or hubs are accommodated by using a “riser plate” to support the top pad. Find our full selection of bench fixtures and components below.

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