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Originators of Electrochemical Marking

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Lectroetch originated Electro-Chemical marking in 1943. Since then, the process has proven itself in countless metal parts marking applications for identification, inspection, and inventory control. It is ideal for reproducing trademarks, part and serial numbers, measurement markings, inspection stamps, and date codes.

Objects made of conductive ferrous and nonferrous metals and alloys are easily marked. Metals plated with chrome, nickel, cadmium and zinc also mark well due to conductivity. Painted, anodized or phosphate parts can also be processed by deep etching (.001-.006 in.) prior to coating application.

The Lectroetch process is an etching process in which a minute amount of metal, about .001 to .006 inches, is removed from conductive metals. The process eliminates the impenitence of labeling or ink marking, and will not weaken, deform or otherwise contribute to part failure. Even thin wall, delicate components can be easily marked without burrs or danger of part damage. It is often the only method which meets Mil-Spec standards.


the ORIGINAL electrochemical marking experts, since 1943

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