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How can I purchase Lectroetch Equipment?

Lectroetch will extend 30 day net terms with 3 credit references and bank information. We also accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards. We also ship C.O.D. Phone or Fax Your order in and stock items will be shipped within two working days.

This sounds great! Can I see a mark on my own metal parts?

Lectroetch and our representatives offer a free sample marking service. Just send your samples with the information needed and we will process them promptly.

I already have another make of etching system. Can I buy supplies for it from Lectroetch?

Yes. Lectroetch can usually supply direct equivalents for all competitors systems.

My marking unit stopped working? Now what?

Almost all problems we see are related to lack of maintenance. Clean and tighten all connections, check markers and pads, and use the proper electrolyte and unit settings.

It still doesn’t work. Help!

Lectroetch Company has an in house repair service available. We also have a loaner service available for your convenience.

My Anodized Aluminum parts don’t mark. Why?

Anodizing insulates the Aluminum surface and renders the part unmarkable by the Electrochemical process. You must deep-etch the item before anodizing is done.

My finished parts are rusting. What am I doing wrong?

All corrosion problems can be traced to insufficient cleaning after the etching process. Parts must be neutralized and handled to prevent contamination with electrolyte.

Is this process safe to use and environmentally friendly?

Yes. The solutions used are water-based. The power unit regulates the etching power to 30 volts or less. MSDS are available upon request.

Can I make colored marks using Lectroetch?

No. Some people will deep-etch first, then fill the mark with paint.


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