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the ORIGINAL electrochemical marking experts, since 1943


Monode Marking Products Inc. is proud to announce the acquisition of the Lectroetch Company of Cleveland Ohio. Existing and new customers will truly see the benefits of combining the technical and administrative resources of the two companies.

Monode is an industry leading supplier of electro chemical etching equipment and suppliesengraved toolingdot peen equipment and laser marking solutions combined with our patented Traceable-IT software. Monode also has a dedicated customer service desk that is monitored 24/7 for any support issues that may arise.

What is going to change for Lectroetch customers? Not much. When you call the same number, you are still going to talk to Britt. Past that you are going to see a new address soon, some banking information, but that is about it. The benefit you will see will be access to more products and increased technical support to meet your marking needs. Monode manufactures a competitive line of stencil paper that was discontinued by Lectroetch so just ask us about it and we will send you some samples. Monode also has its own complimentary line of electrolytes, power units, and accessories that may help with some of your current supplies.

Experts in Electrochemical Marking Since 1943

Lectroetch originated electrochemical marking in 1943. Since then, the process has proven itself in countless metal parts marking applications for identification, inspection and inventory control. It is ideal for reproducing trademarks, part and serial numbers, measurement markings, inspection stamps and date codes. We are experienced leaders in electro-chem etching for a number of uses and industries, including aerospace , automotive, medical/dental, industrial, and knife making.

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the ORIGINAL electrochemical marking experts, since 1943

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